Happy Clients

Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life, don’t make it wait any longer.


“As a board certified internist & current hospitalist. I care daily for individuals with chronic diseases.It is refreshing to work with Jena, who believes in a holistic approach to health. She goes deeper with each patient to understand their motivations & fear surrounding their health. She is very well read on many differenct approaches that do improve the health of individuals & her community as a whole. More importantly,she practices what she preaches, from her own home garden, keeping physically active, to the meals she feeds her family & friends. As a woman with type 2 diabetes she is an exemplary role model of the benefits one can achieve by allowing food to be their medicine. I trust her recommendations & approach to good healthy living.”

— nana Q. MD,MPH,

“Jena is fabulous! I had a consult with her while I was pregnant and needing to change my diet, needing to prevent gestational diabetes. She gives really clear, practical advice and ideas and explains things so you can understand. She is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, I felt so encouraged and empowered after my consult with her. I’m so grateful for her help!”

— casey M.

“Jena is very knowledgeable in what she does, and helped to hold me accountable. I was an absolute mess for a while, and by default so was my gut. After some very serious sessions we worked on some diet changes & adding physical movement into my routine. After a short period of time I felt like I could speak with my doctors about dropping a couple of my medications, and I was able to do this because of the diet changes & adding of supplements that Jena suggested to help heal my gut. Therefore, helping return my body to a
more healful state!”

— Lynn R.


“She is passionate, down to earth, and an incredible wealth of knowledge. She was my first introduction to preparing meals for myself. Jena showed me that making foods that are delicious, as well as nutritious, can be fun, as well as cheap & easy! I still use many of her tools & tips to this day; like shopping along the perimeter of the grocery store, making a grocery list based on meals instead of winging it at the store, and my favorite, eating the rainbow! With Jena’s assistance I became less intimidated in the kitchen and with ingredients. I also love that she will never tell you you can’t have that extra cookie; heck she’ll probably share an amazing recipe so you can make your own! I cannot emphasize enough how it would benefit you and/or your family to use her extensive experience to your advantage. You will not regret it!”

-Liz B.

“Jena is great! She has been working with me through my journey of trying to eat healthier. I truly recommend her to everyone. Each visit we have, I look forward to visiting with her. She is so sweet and very encouraging!!!”

— Dorothy I.

“Ronnie has lost 20# plus because she gave us the tools we needed to get back on track. His blood sugars are down and so is his blood pressure. We are so thankful for Jena’s help.”

— Ronnie & MAe f.